Butterfly Lovers aka The Lovers

Ok everyone!! Today I’m gonna talk about the Drama/Movie: The Butterfly Lovers aka The Lovers. I saw lots of versions to this Drama(s) and Movie(s).

There was the Nicky Wu and Charlie Yeung version in 1994. (Movie)

Another One was the anime Butterfly Lovers in 2004. (Movie)


The Peter Ho and Dong Jie version in 2007. (Drama)

And Lastly the Wu Chun and Charlene Choi version in 2008. (Movie)

Well in the end, we already know the ending the main couples die together and become a pair of butterflies and fly away together. But do you guys think they should do a twist to the story?? Because when I watched the Peter Ho version, I think that the guy that was gonna married her, was also a good guy that she could of have picked instead of the main guy. I was thinking they should do a another Butterfly Lovers, but like a sequel to the Butterfly Lovers. Instead of the main couple getting together, the main girl gets with the guy that was going to marry her. But I don’t know I just feel like when I watched the Peter Ho, but for the other versions I don’t feel the same way as I do for the Peter Ho version. Well you guys should know everyone has a different point of view so…

Please Comment on What You Think?? And Remember Please Don’t Put Up Any Bad Comments!! Thank You and Always Smile!!! =]



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